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michael casson - 10/19/97 13:38:21
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thought the site was very interesting and made me want to buy the book. wasn't there a film with ingmar bergman in the 50's or 60's which dramatised the story?

Name:Tom Duncan
Location: East Syracuse, NY
Date: Friday, October 17, 1997 at 20:19:12

Hi Donna - we watched the "Daily Digital" spotlight on the local news about your website tonight (10/17/97) and I thought I should sign in this time. I'll continue to the spread the good word about Pope Joan to anyone I can. Besides my parents and sister, I've already got aunts and cousins reading it, too. We're cheering for it to make it to the big screen, and best wishes for your current project.

Name: Chris Jones
Location: Kirkville, NY USA
Date: Friday, October 17, 1997 at 20:02:07

Hi Donna, I hear the book is great. The other "plug" I'll give you is that you are a great teacher. I enjoyed your English class back in '80 @ OCC. I remember you were setting records for doing so many gigs on Johnny Carson. (back when you were 18,) & "How the words we use, use us"...Good luck and glad you have had great success. Chris

Name: Barbara Risser
Location: Camillus, NY USA
Date: Friday, October 17, 1997 at 19:18:47

Hi, Donna! I read about your new website in the Syracuse paper and decided to check it out. Terrific! Sorry I missed you at OCC in October - it was Open House at my daughter's school. I heard it went well. Take care - Barb

Name: Jean Flack
Location: Oswego, NY, NY USA
Date: Friday, October 17, 1997 at 18:04:07

Sounds interesting - I have heard about this person. I am not sure if she was indeed Pope.

Name:Sally Andres
Location: Baldwinsville, NY USA
Date: Friday, October 17, 1997 at 17:55:32

Is this book based upon fact (history) or is it fiction?

Name:Dorre Day-Walrath
Location: Camillus, N.Y. U.S.A.
Date: Friday, October 17, 1997 at 11:24:33

Hi Donna! I always new that you would make it really big atyour writing career! I'm so happy for all of your success! I remember our great conversations during you haircuts and I miss all of the laughs we had then also! Just wanted to congratulate you. I have not gotten this book yet, but certainly intend to! I still have the "signed" copies of your other books. Maybe someday I could get an autographed copy of this one too! I would love to hear from you. Dorre

Name: Shirley Hallinan
Location: Syracuse, NY USA
Date: Friday, October 17, 1997 at 09:11:41

Am reading the book for the second time to catch what I missed the first. Wonderful book.

tara gilroy - 10/15/97 20:30:27
My Email:gilroyt@alleg.edu

Hi...I'm doing a research project on Pope Joan. I was wondering if you might be able to give me some hints on where to find information. I'm having difficulty. I'm a student at Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania. The course the project is fo is Renaissance Women. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Sarah Becker - 10/13/97 02:29:20

I LOVED this book!! It was beautiful and vivid and so alive it practically breathed in my hands! The ending literally made me cry...as soon as I finished I thought, 'This HAS to be a movie,' and now I see that it will be. I hope whoever plays Joan is just as wonderful and mysterious as she is--and NOT trendy!! Can't wait to see it...and see more from Donna W. Cross. Also hope to hear from you, Ms. Cross!! Pope Joan is a joy.

John Brewer - 10/12/97 03:47:39
My Email:brewer@actrix.gen.nz

Will comment when I have read the book, but from the English Daily Telegraph write-up it looks very interesting.

Raymond Bell - 10/11/97 07:52:12
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Happy to see theis information out finally. I hope the movie is done well and draws a large audience. Keep revealing good info. TKS- Raymond

gretchen roberts - 10/10/97 19:20:40
My Email:robertsg@aurora.sunyocc.edu

Donna---glad you told me about the site for Joan. I'll share it with others. How interesting. LGretchen

p.f.tester - 10/10/97 16:36:04
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Sally Draper - 10/09/97 19:52:03
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I am Intrigued! Tell me more.

John L. Bechtel - 10/07/97 06:48:12
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Have know about Pope Joan for several years - in fact there is mention made of her in Peter De Rosa's The Vicars of Christ: The Dark Side of the Papacy and other books as well. John

William E. Pattee - 10/07/97 05:12:09
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It's about time.

Rick Jones - 10/06/97 04:54:23
My Email:sideycar@earthlink.net

Dear Madam, During a search for the elusive Landulf of Capua I stumbled onto your website. I will certainly be buying your book - I've long been a fan of the 9th century, but now, desperately seeking a villain worth his salt, I would be obliged if you could share reference resources/bibliographies concerning this Landulf. Was he the same man who wore an iron hat? Does he live up to the anecdotal reports? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.And I will certainly write after I've finished your book. Thanks - Rick Jones

Heather Marie Babcock - 10/06/97 03:10:12
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Your exerpts were so exciting! My husband and i truly enjoyed them and are going to buy the book the first chance we get. I know this sounds odd, since i really dont know you, but it is so wonderful to read such an unique story written by a woman. I wa curious, since this is your first novel, were you a writer previous to this novel? And now a few questions from an "innately superior" male: (don't feel obligated to answer :-)) When did you feel secure enough in your research to actually start writing the book? There's not only the catholicism but period history, not just Rome but al of Europe. I have so many other "technical" questions regarding the actual mechanics of getting the ideas into the novel I could bore you for years, I'll stop now :) Back to your regularly scheduled e-mail congrats on all of your well deserved sucess. I am looking to join a book club in the near future, and will definately recommend this book.

Maria Bryson - 10/03/97 13:55:27
My Email:mbryson@tln.lib.mi.us

Hello I lead an adult book discussion group and on December 8th, we will be discussing Pope Joan. Would it be possible for me to forward questions from the group and then receive the answers before the group meets in December?

Lucia Wirsz - 09/29/97 14:55:36
My Email:WirsEN@AOL.com

Dear Ms.Cross, I have read your wonderful book recently and I cannot stop thinking about it. The struggle of women to win their rightful place in society has always been a subject I followed with interest, and I read many works which embrace this issue. I must admit, I never knew Pope Joan existed until a friend pointed your book out to me. I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to see more historical fiction coming our way from you soon. I live in Germany now for three years(as a matter of fact I read your book in german), and I can tell you how well it was received at least by my circle of aquaintances. Sorry I missed your appearance in Nürnberg, I could not come. I hope you had an enjoy ble stay. God, I assure hope you get inspired, regularly and consistently so we can read some more fine books. Sincerely, Lucia

Tan Hiong Hiang - 09/29/97 13:09:07
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Nice Page. Best Regards

Nikolaos Georgiadis - 09/29/97 09:50:50
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Have ever heard about a greek author named Emmanuil Roides? (1835-1904) He has written a book- novel named " Pope Joan" with detailed documentation for the existence of Joan.

Catherine Clark - 09/27/97 04:38:41
My Email:ccclark@dreamscape.com

I loved the story and couldn't put it down! Have passed it on to friends who had the same reaction. How did you come to select and research this book? I believe that Pope Joan is real and buried like so many other facts in our church hidstory. Is there more that you have discovered in your research, and will you write about it? I will read every word! Thank you for more reasons than you can know. Catherine Clark

Jyoti Shankar - 09/26/97 00:46:15
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I have not seen the pages yet

jo campbell - 09/25/97 18:34:25
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Am on my way to a conference at Cornell, and just received the intro message. So will have to look at this later. The story of Pope Joan has been part of my puzzled knowledge for years... I'm looking forward to examining it all more closely! Jo

Jill Barker - 09/24/97 15:46:57
My Email:jil.barker@luton.ac.uk

I haven't read your novel, so no comment as yet. I'm interested in the Pope Joan legend as an example of the 'speaking woman' who is silenced. I cross-reference her story with the changing representations of Mary Magdalene over the Middle Ages and Refor ation.

Cowlishaw, Philip - 09/22/97 18:42:00
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Amazing! My friend who sits beside me this very moment and I were just recently talking about this phenomena which occured. Amazing. I would love to learn more about it. He says also Bishops were women and their pictures were painted over with beards n the Byzantine Frescos. Wow!

Mary Ellen Kavanaugh - 09/22/97 00:01:27

Donna, I just had to do this! I'm playing on a friend's computer. Looking forward to 10/5. Look for big article in Syr papers on 10/1. Can't wait to hear about Germany (hear JCO was a no show!!!) All the better for you, I'm sure. This is my first time doing something like this. I could learn to like it. your favorite feminist bookseller,mek

Fred & Gwen Ermlich - 09/19/97 20:25:24
My Email:fermlich@telenet.net

Dear Donna: Enjoyed reading your interview of amazon.com. Just saw the paperback version of Pope Joan with the reading group discussion guide....nice touch. I liked the novel cover better than the paperback cover. Any reason for the change? Gwen is fine. WE had a terrific opera season. I have an opera board meeting tomorrow morning. Italian Girl was reviewed last week in the NYTimes. Did you see it? Is Chris Alden pleased with having his production of the opera staged both at Glimmerglass and NYC Opera? Any more news about the movie version of your novel? Let us know. Be well. Check our Patrick Meanor's new book entitled: JOHN CHEEVER REVISITED. He's a friend of my who now chairs the English Department at SUNY/ Oneonta. See Twayne's US Authors, Tusas 647) It's also on Amazon.com books. Keep well, Fred and Gwen Ermlich Creekside Bed and Breakfast

Sharon Molvie - 09/12/97 03:43:12
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Our Ridge Road Book Club selected Pope Joan as our selection for this month. Donna Woolfolk Cross has captured the flavor of the times in a most riveting tale. There has been much praise of this novel by our Club and from others who have ventured into t e Dark Ages with Ms. Cross!!!

John S. Mays - 09/08/97 17:25:54
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Best wishes to Donna. Nice article in the the 9/7 edition of "Stars" in the Syracuse Sunday newspaper. - John

Bob Dwyer - 09/07/97 17:45:01
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A fascinating story! I saw, heard, touched, felt, and tasted the 9th Century, thanks to the extraordinarily researched detail. I loved this book, as did my parents! Great Web Page, too.

Gloria - 09/04/97 21:06:51
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Excellent site. I've bookmarked it!!!! :)

Eileen Figure Sandlin - 09/03/97 19:36:20
My Email:efsandlin@juno.com

Absolutely rivetting. I highly recommend it. I wonder, though, if the book is equally interesting to non-Catholics?

Susan and Mike Francesconi - 08/30/97 23:36:14
My Email:MikeF_MSS@AOL.com

Pope Joan was an entertaining, intriguing novel that Susan and I both loved. The Web page was excellent... glad you told us to look it up.

B.L.Torrey - 08/30/97 02:04:17
My Email:rftorrey@prodigy.net

I've read Pope Joan. My husband has read Pope Joan and my daughter created the Web Sight for Pope Joan. We're Donna Cross Wolfolk fans and hope she continues to write such fascinating literature about more fascinating people. Betty Torrey

Roger Reynolds - 08/26/97 02:53:12
My Email:MUSHROOMHEAD@pobox.com

Hi there. I'm the one who dissed you in the Bookshelf 1 chat room. All in jest I must say. Your page looks great and the concept seems really interesting.. Is it true? I've never heard of Pope Joan. I will educate myself on your page. Nice to cyber- eet you. Will you remember me when you're rich and famous? :-) Sincerely, Roger Reynolds

Artcom - 08/25/97 11:36:30
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Very interesting topic we'd love to link to your site if there's any problem with that please let us know.


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